Damaged Screw Extractor Set (5 pieces)

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The bits are designed to bore out the center of the damaged screw or bolt.   It can be used to remove rusted, damaged or stripped screws and bolts.   To use;  center the extractor bit in the screw head and turn counter-clockwise to loosen. For broken off screw shafts or bolts then you will need to drill a starter hole in the center before using the extractor bit so that the extractor has something to grab on to. 


  • Made of Tempered Chrome Vanadium Steel for longer life and durability 
  • Anti-clockwise twist design 
  • Plastic reusable carrying/storage case included. 
  • Designed to remove stubborn, rusted, stripped, screws or bolts. 
  • Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel 
  • Each bit is for sizes 1/8-1/4"(3-6mm), 1/4-5/16"(6-8mm), 5/16-7/16"(8-11mm), 7/16-9/16"(11-14mm), or 9/16-3/4" (14-18mm) 


  • 5 bits, 3mm - 18mm
  • 1 plastic storage case