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Small businesses are tough; really tough.   Home-based businesses can be even tougher.  It can be hard to separate your work life from home life.   Then what do you use as the phone number and address on your business cards and addresses?  Do you really want to be giving out your home address to everyone? 

We can help ... 

We can give you back your privacy: 

  • Use our address instead of your home address on invoices/business cards/contact info etc.  Have the mail confidentially forwarded to your home or available for pickup on your schedule. 
  • A virtual phone number that you can redirect to any phone number you like (so you can still take all your calls on your mobile without publishing your mobile number).
  • Scheduling of IVR responses (so you can keep your phone on all night for emergencies, but business calls only come through during the schedule you set).
  • Virtual FAX from anywhere using your email ....

Mailroom Support

  • The convenience and cost-savings of a corporate mailroom without the overhead costs.   Let us take care of the outbound packages for you.  It saves you money and time. 
  • We use our corporate rates and volumes to save you money on your shipments.   We can save you up to 75% off shipments to the USA, internationally and within Canada.   Contact us today to see how we can help.  

Virtual Address

  • It is not a P.O. Box.   It is a full regular retail store location! 
  • Keep your home contact information private!  Use our mailing address instead.  We can forward your mail for you or keep it until you are ready to pick it up.   
  • Size restrictions?  We can handle some pretty large packages and deliveries.   You aren't restricted by the size of a tiny rental PO Box.   (Ok, we aren't set up to accept gigantic packages or a truckload of materials.   If you need something that big, then let us know and we will make arrangements.)

Virtual Fax

  • Low cost:  Having a fax line can mean $20-40/month for the phone line, then the additional costs for the software or machine to be able to send and receive faxes.  We can give you a dedicated virtual fax phone number.  Send and receive faxes anytime through your email!   We also have a scanner on-site if you need to scan and fax a document. 

Phone Numbers and IVR

  • Tired of having your phone ringing at all hours of the night?   Do you want to keep your phone number private and reserved for families/friends but you don't want the cost and inconvenience of another phone line? 
  • We can set up a dedicated virtual phone number, either a local number or a toll-free vanity phone number.   That phone number can be accessed through an internet connection or forwarded to a phone number of your choice. 
  • Do you have multiple employees or phone numbers?   Your virtual phone number can be set to "Seek" the next available employee.   You can set the sequence of phone numbers to connect to and the virtual phone will try each one until it finds an employee able to take the call. 
  • Simplify your business contact information.   Instead of publishing each phone number for each employee, publish one centralized phone number with an interactive menu.   The caller can then select from a menu "Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for J. Smith ...." and have the call automatically routed to the best phone number. 

 eCommerce and Websites

  • Create and customize a new eCommerce store including platform recommendations based on your needs. 
  • Manage and update existing Shopify, Wordpress or eCommerce store. 
  • Website creation and hosting. 

Virtual Administrative Support and Business Analysis 

  • Who doesn't need help with administrivia?   Let us help you so that you can focus on the more important aspects of the business.   
  • Marketing, social media posts, reconciling invoices and expenses or other reports ... we can help with the day-to-day activities of running the business.   

 Check out our list of services here 

Small Business Support


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