FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Amazon package delivered to the store to be picked up?

Amazon Hub is a free program for the customer. There is no cost to you to select the package to be sent to a HUB location instead of to your home or work place. This is a program that the vendor opts into, and not all vendors are participating, and therefore the option to deliver it to a HUB may not always be available. You can find more information here: Amazon website

When you are selecting your delivery address from your past delivery history, scroll all the way to the bottom.

.Amazon HUB step 1

Select My Delivery Concierge from the radio buttons of available options, then follow the rest of the Amazon wizard checkout steps.

Amazon HUB step 2

Can I drop of my Amazon return at your location? 

Amazon offers returns through a variety of couriers. My Delivery Concierge can only accept Amazon returns if the shipping label is for one of the couriers we support (ex. Purolator, FedEx, DHL and others). At this time we do not accept pre-paid drop offs for returns through UPS or Canada Post.


What is QR Code shipping and how do I print the label?

QR Codes are a new method being used by some couriers to simplify the customer shipping experience. When you come into the store, let us know you have a QR Code and the courier it is for. We can scan the code and print the shipping label for you at no cost to you. Only some couriers currently support QR Code or 'label free' shipping: Purolator, FedEx, PUDO (Zara and Massimo), and Meest.


What is Label-Free / Package Free Amazon returns?

Label-free returns only means that you are not expected to print the return label yourself. You can bring in the QR Code on your phone, we can scan and print the label on your behalf. All couriers require a printed label to be attached to the outside of the package.

Package-free returns are not available at this location. All returns must be in sturdy shipping packaging prior to shipping. You are welcome to reuse the existing packaging the item arrived in or other reused packaging as long as it is in good condition. Packaging should be corrugated cardboard boxes, strong polypak bags, or bubble envelopes. If you do not have packaging, we have some materials here for sale or available through donation. Purolator corporate locations, like the terminal in Mississauga, are the only ones that support 'package-free' returns.


Will you package my item for me for free?

The couriers do not provide any packaging materials, tape, or other items to be able to help package your Ground Service returns. There is some very limited materials available for pre-paid Express returns. All other packaging materials are owned by My Delivery Concierge and available for purchase or through donation. We do not charge for the time to assist you with the packaging. We do appreciate if the packaging is completed prior to your arrival for the drop-off.


I don't have a printer / My printer just ran out of ink / Can you print a label for me?

Yes. There is no charge for printing labels for couriers that we support. If the label is for Canada Post or a courier that we do not support then there may be a nominal fee.


Does My-Del.ca accept COD (cash on delivery) or "Tax or Duty Owing" packages? 

We will only accept 'payment owing' packages for clients where we have a credit card on file.   That credit card will be charged for the balance owing expenses.    My-Del.ca will not accept or incur charges for any package where a payment method has not been pre-arranged. 


Can you pick up packages from my location? 

Yes, we can arrange for package pickup.   Depending on the carrier, location, total distance, and other factors there may be an additional cost.  Please Contact Us to inquire. 

If you would like to arrange for a pickup from a carrier and you have a pre-existing pre-paid waybill label, please contact the carrier directly for pickup arrangements. 


I have a courier notification on my door, can I pick it up now?

When the driver leaves a note on your door or a 'door knocker' notifying you that you missed a delivery, the notification should also include a tracking number. Use the tracking number on the courier website for up-to-the-minute updates about the current status of your package. If you have questions about the availability timeline or would like to request another delivery attempt, please see the courier tracking and contact information below.
Where is my package? 


What ID do I need to pickup my package?

We are contractually obligated to meet the courier requirements for due diligence and identity verification. There are NO exceptions. The most common form of ID used is a driver's licence or 'purple identity card'. Passports or OHIP cards by themselves are not sufficient for identification because they do not have a preprinted address on the identification itself. If you have recently moved, then you can combine your identity card with a letter from the government, a bank statement, or other official mail. If you have questions about the requirements, please contact the courier. These are the courier requirements and are not created, maintained, or disputable through the retail store.

The identification must be a government issued original identity document.   Photos on your phone, photo copies, or any other type of reproduction are not accepted by the couriers.  

The following are not valid rationale for failing to provide ID that matches the package:

  • I just moved.
  • I lost my wallet / my wallet was just stolen. 
  • I forgot my ID at home. 
  • My home address is a secret, I can't carry ID with my address on it, even though I had a package sent there. 
  • I have more than one home, my ID all are based out of my other residential address / cottage / family home / mobile home / RV / PO Box .... 
  • I don't live at that address, I had it sent to my [parent / sibling / child / friend / acquaintance / coworker]
  • That's not my address, the sender got the address wrong, but it is still my package. 
  • I don't drive, I don't have any bills in my name, and I don't have any ID with my photo on it. 
  • I live in an illegal basement apartment, or I am renting a room in someone's house. I don't have a lease. I pay my rent in cash. I don't have a bank account. any bills, or anything sent there. 
  • My dog / cat / pet / wild animals ate it. 

If you are unable to meet the minimum identity verification criteria, please contact the courier to have it redelivered or make other arrangements.   You will not be able to pick up from this location without being able to meet the minimum requirements for identification due diligence as required by the courier. 


Help! I dropped off my Amazon / Bell / Wayfair return ages ago and they still have not received it!

There are multiple handoff points during the shipping process. There can be delays between the time when the courier drops off the package at the retailer and then a long period of time by the time the retailer processes it.

Every courier label has a tracking number on it. Purolator calls it the 'Purolator PIN'. The first tracking updates are usually available on the courier website within minutes after it is scanned as a drop-off. The courier website will be your first and most up to date tracking until it is dropped off at the destination. You can follow the tracking status using the links below. 


Where is my package? 

At the time of shipping, you will choose a service provider.   Depending on the carrier, the carrier will provide a tracking number and you can track the shipment progress through the carrier website.   My-Del is unable to track or support any shipments that we did not originate. 

    Prohibited items and carrier restrictions

    Restrictions on the contents that can be shipped depend on the destination and the carrier selected.   Depending on the contents even if a carrier will ship the package domestically it may not be possible to ship across international or provincial borders.    Restrictions may also apply based on the monetary value of the package and many carriers will not accept packages valued at over $800 CAD.  

    Restrictions are therefore a combination of carrier rules and legal requirements for each jurisdiction along the shipping route.    

    All contents must be fully and accurately disclosed.    Fines or penalties may be applied to misleading or inaccurate disclosures.   

    Perishables (including frozen or refrigerated items), hazardous materials (including medical specimens or samples for medical testing), and oversized packages are not accepted at retail locations.  

    no guns_edited.jpgno animals_edited.jpgno drugs_edited.jpg


    What do the carriers accept or prevent from shipping? 

    Each carrier must abide by the legal requirements of the country or jurisdiction along the shipping route.  Each carrier may also have individual policies for what is accepted.    Please refer to the carrier website for details.    


      What is "HS Code"? 

      The Harmonized Item Description and Coding System (HS) is an international standard maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO) that classifies traded products.  Items are identified by a 6-digit harmonized number that is recognized by countries that have adopted the harmonized system.

      Individual countries can extend the HS code up to 10 digits to further classify goods for customs or export purposes. These extensions are commonly referred to as Tariff Schedules and can help you estimate duty and tax information.

      Canada Post HS Code lookup tool:  https://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/wtz/business/findHsCode?execution=e1s1


      What is dimensional weight? 

      In some scenarios, the package container may be very large compared to the listed weight (ex. imagine shipping a box of inflated balloons).   At the carrier discretion, they may choose to apply a standardized pro-rated weight based on the size of the package (height x width x length) instead of the physical weight.

      Here is a sample calculator from DHL to estimate the dimensional or volumetric weight.  https://send.dhlparcel.co.uk/volume-calculator


      Why did the carrier adjust my package attributes or cost?

      If there is a discrepancy between the carrier measurements (height, width, length, weight) and the listed attributes the carrier measurements are considered to be accurate.   It is the carrier discretion to update the package attributes and/or cost.  

      Packages may also be opened or inspected by the carrier, customs, or border agents.   Inaccurate or incomplete documentation may result in adjustments, delays, fines, and/or penalties.