FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My-Del.ca accept COD (cash on delivery) or "Tax or Duty Owing" packages? 

We will only accept 'payment owing' packages for clients where we have a credit card on file.   That credit card will be charged for the balance owing expenses.    My-Del.ca will not accept or incur charges for any package where a payment method has not been pre-arranged. 

Can you pick up packages from my location? 

Yes, we can arrange for package pickup.   Depending on the carrier, location, total distance, and other factors there may be an additional cost.  Please Contact Us to inquire. 

If you would like to arrange for a pickup from a carrier and you have a pre-existing pre-paid waybill label, please contact the carrier directly for pickup arrangements. 

Where is my package? 

At the time of shipping, you will choose a service provider.   Depending on the carrier, the carrier will provide a tracking number and you can track the shipment progress through the carrier website.   My-Del is unable to track or support any shipments that we did not originate. 

Prohibited items and carrier restrictions

Restrictions on the contents that can be shipped depend on the destination and the carrier selected.   Depending on the contents even if a carrier will ship the package domestically it may not be possible to ship across international borders.    Restrictions may also apply based on the monetary value of the package and many carriers will not accept packages valued at over $800 CAD.  

Restrictions are therefore a combination of carrier rules and legal requirements for each jurisdiction along the shipping route.    

All contents must be fully and accurately disclosed.    Fines or penalties may be applied to misleading or inaccurate disclosures.   

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What do the carriers accept or prevent from shipping? 

Each carrier must abide by the legal requirements of the country or jurisdiction along the shipping route.  Each carrier may also have individual policies for what is accepted.    Please refer to the carrier website for details.    


What is "HS Code"? 

The Harmonized Item Description and Coding System (HS) is an international standard maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO) that classifies traded products.  Items are identified by a 6-digit harmonized number that is recognized by countries that have adopted the harmonized system.

Individual countries can extend the HS code up to 10 digits to further classify goods for customs or export purposes. These extensions are commonly referred to as Tariff Schedules and can help you estimate duty and tax information.

Canada Post HS Code lookup tool: https://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/wtz/business/findHsCode?execution=e1s1

What is dimensional weight? 

In some scenarios, the package container may be very large compared to the listed weight (ex. imagine shipping a box of inflated balloons).   At the carrier discretion, they may choose to apply a standardized pro-rated weight based on the size of the package (height x width x length) instead of the physical weight.

Here is a sample calculator from DHL to estimate the dimensional or volumetric weight.  http://wap.dhl.com/serv/volweight.html

Why did the carrier adjust my package attributes or cost?

If there is a discrepancy between the carrier measurements (height, width, length, weight) and the listed attributes the carrier measurements are considered to be accurate.   It is the carrier discretion to update the package attributes and/or cost.  

Packages may also be opened or inspected by the carrier, customs or border agents.   Inaccurate or incomplete documentation may result in adjustments, delays, fines, and/or penalties.