About Us ... Who Are We?

My-Del is a small, privately owned Canadian company.   The Greater Toronto Area has been our home for many years. 

I have made a career of working in the financial and tech sectors as a business analyst, project manager, operations manager, business architecture and more.  Becoming an entrepreneur had always been an aspiration but it always seemed just out of reach.  Then everything changed in 2017.    

The year 2017 was life changing for my career and also in a number of other ways.   

In the following months, I relied on online services extensively.   I started using many online stores, services, couriers, shipping, transportation or logistics companies for daily tasks.    

I saw first hand some of the challenges that have become common for so many people: 

  • We were unable to lift or carry packages into the home.   Delivery drivers ignored our requests for help and left the packages in seemingly random places.   
  • Delivery drivers that don't follow the delivery instructions and left us searching for hard to find packages. 
  • Multiple delivery attempts by the same driver ignoring my requests to reschedule or redirect the package.
  • Lost or stolen packages (porch pirates!).
  • Packages damaged from being left on the doorstep in sub-zero winter temperatures for hours or days.
  • Worrying that food deliveries were going to spoil in the hot summer heat.


For most people, home deliveries are a wonderful convenience.   

In other cases, it can be stressful or difficult to try to meet the expectations of the big companies and adhere to their scheduled deliveries.    We are not trying to change the conveyor belt mechanism of the delivery service industry.   

We can, however, do our small part to make it simpler and easier for the people that use it.  

-- Del