Save Money on Shipping Costs and Outbound Shipments

My-Del uses our negotiated rates to compare service provider prices; saving you time and money.

We can also help you with the customs paperwork when sending packages internationally. 

We can ship almost anything to almost any destination and save you money at the same time.    

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There is Recycling and there is Upcycling!

Drop off your used boxes.   We will store them for free for the next person that needs a box for their shipment.  

It is better for the environment, there is no processing required.   As long as the box is in good condition we can pass it along to the next person that needs one.  

For boxes that are battered or not able to withstand another delivery trip, we will ensure that they are recycled.  We always do our best to minimize any waste. 

Package Pickup and Inbound Shipping 

My-Del is retailer and courier independent.   We can arrange services through the provider of your choice. 

You can receive your Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or other online retailer purchases here. We can accept packages from any major courier, delivery service or Canada Post including signing for packages.   

  • Reduce the opportunity for 'porch pirate' or opportunistic thefts of your delivery. 
  • Protect your delivery from the extremes of Canadian weather.   Extreme heat or cold can damage electronics.   We can keep it dry and at room temperature until you are ready to pick it up. 
  • Reduce the environmental impact by reducing the number of delivery attempts from the courier. 

    Best of all, provides this as a free service to you!  There is no additional charge as long as the package is through one of our supported carriers, under 20 kg and small or medium size (up to 60 inches long or up to 122 inches in girth.  Girth is calculated as height + length + width for all edges of the container combined).   For other carriers please see our Anytime Mailbox (ATMB) service offering. 

    You must contact us to register with us prior to using our address for shipping or receiving any items. Packages or mail arriving for people who have not registered and been approved will be returned to the sender.

    If you would prefer a personalized delivery, please let us know.   We can arrange an appointment to deliver your package on a time and date that works for you (additional charges may apply).  

    How does the package pickup work? 

    You must contact us to register with us prior to using our address for shipping or receiving any items.   Packages or mail arriving for people who have not registered and been approved will be rejected back to the sender.

    When you are shopping at your favorite retailer, use our address as the "Ship To" address.  Include your email or phone number in the first line of the address so that we know how to contact you.   We will let you know as soon as the package arrives.   

    NOTE: We do not accept any packages with duties, taxes, tariffs or any other fees owing.

    You can also set up a profile on this site so that you can tell us your contact preferences or alternate ways to reach you.  

    Sample from

    Iron Mountain Secure Paper-Shredding

    Secure document destruction helps protect you and your organization.  Drop off your documents to our location, Iron Mountain will pick them up and take care of the rest! 

    • Protect your identity and reputation by safeguarding sensitive and confidential information.
    • Reduce costs of managing information assets that are no longer useful or necessary.
    • Ensure compliance with federal, provincial, and industry regulations and avoid penalties, fines or legal action.
    Iron Mountain Secure Shredding

    VIP Services

    Tell us how we can help!

    • Gift Wrapping
    • Short Term Storage (we can help keep those gifts a secret until you're ready). 
    • Personalized Delivery by appointment.  

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    We have delivery drivers that will accommodate your needs.  

    The delivery driver can assist with your special instructions for the delivery to your residence. 

    Tell us how we can help.    

     Accessible.gif Braille Accessibility and Visual Aid


    Small Business Services & Support​

    Tell us how we can help!

    • Mail address and forwarding for home-based businesses.   Working from home is great, but you don't always want to include a home address on your invoices and business cards.   
    • Outbound Shipping and Mailing: we use our volume discounts to save you money!  "Dropshipping" your materials can also be available on request.   
    • Your own virtual fax machine.   You can send an email from any device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc). As long as you already have the fax in an electronic format you can send and receive faxes instantaneously, from anywhere, without needing to print and then scan the document.    
    • Phone number and IVR support.  Do you have callers that consistently ask the same questions (ex. what are your hours? what is your mailing address? what is ....)   We can create a dial-in interactive voice system with prerecorded messages that people can listen to for the most common information.   
    • IVR Phone Routing: Do you have multiple employees but you don't want to publish multiple personal home or mobile phone numbers?   The IVR can be set up with extensions.   The caller can then select the person that they want to speak to or the phone can 'seek' the first available employee.   It invisibly routes calls to the phone number of your choice.   You can also schedule the call availability so that you can still have your phone available for family and friends in your off-hours without being hounded by work calls.   
    • VOIP Calling Rates: great VOIP (voice over internet) local and long distance calling rates.   You can also select one of the available vanity 1-800 phone numbers. 


  provides services for clients throughout Canada.   You are welcome to visit our retail location in Georgetown, Ontario.