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Why does support people who shop online? 

Life is busy.   There is undeniable convenience in shopping online.    There can also be hassles (deliveries requiring signatures, packages being lost or stolen and more).   

We can help!   

You can place your online order and have it delivered to our Georgetown store.  From there we will store it for up to seven (7) days for you to come and pick it up.  We can also arrange for delivery to your home at a scheduled time for a small additional charge.   

How does it work? 

  1. Call or email us to register for the service.   It is free for local residents.  (We can also help small businesses.)
  2. When you are completing your order, use your own information for the "Bill To" address.   
    Use the Georgetown store address for the "Ship To" information.   Make sure that you use your own name and phone number so we know who to contact! 
    Ship To: 
    YourName (Your Phone Number or Email Address)
    360 Guelph St, Unit 51
    Georgetown, ON L7G4B5 Canada

  3. When you come to pick up the package, bring a government-issued photo ID with your name and picture on it.   Be prepared to sign that you have received the package.  

It's that easy.   

By shipping to our location, you agree to the Terms & Conditions

If you need additional help we can also provide additional services (at a small fee). 

  • Delivery to your home by appointment
  • Bringing the package into a specific location in your home (ex. if you need help bringing a large package up a set of stairs). 
  • Unpacking or assembling your online purchases.   

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